Traks Boys Remix Info


DE DE MOUSEの新作『sunset girls remixes&more』にて、Traks Boysがリミックス楽曲を提供しました。

DE DE MOUSE "sunset girls remixes&more"
2009.02.04 on sale
¥3,150(tax in)

[Disc 1 : CD]
1. east end girl(keeps singing) remixed by FRONTIER BACKYARD
2. light night dance remixed by HALFBY AND WALKMAN
3. hill girl steps remixed by Olive Oil
4. east end girl(keeps singing) remixed by SENOR COCONUT
5. blue & green waves remixed by World's End Girlfriend
6. sundown river remixed by I am Robot and Proud
7. skyline boy remixed by Traks Boys
8. east end girl(keeps singing) remixed by GABBY & LOPEZ
9. day all stars remixed by The GO!Team
10. sing with my tapes
11. rain talks day
12. last boy dance(and you) ※NEW VERSION

[Disc 2 : DVD]
1. swallowtail bridge
2. supernova girl
3. 555 is in your heart
4. dancing horse on my notes
5. baby s star jam
6. east end girl(keeps singing)
7. light night dance